Skilled Lead Worker Specialising in Ornamental Lead Work and Lead Restoration in Thurning

"There can scarcely be a doubt that the happiest material for garden sculpture and ornamental work is lead. Splendid examples can be seen in Hampton court, Melbourne and Drayton, The surface of the lead with age acquires a delightful patina of silvery grey that harmonises well with our garden evergreens."

Gertrude Jekyll

Brian has the skills and experience to undertake projects of varying complexity.

There are three traditional leadworking methods which are each demonstrated during the creation of his spectacular pieces of leadwork.

Lost Wax

This is a lead casting process used to produce both hollow and solid pieces.

The model is first sculpted using wax and then coated in a layer of protective plaster. When the mould is heated, the wax begins to melt and run out. At this point it is replaced with molten lead and left to cool.

Once the mould has cooled, it is broken open and the plaster removed. The resulting metal casting is then hand finished.

Sand Casting

Sand casting is the most commonly used technique when larger forms are to be produced. The castings are created by adding molten lead to moulds made up of very fine sand.

The sand itself is first dampened with water and then pressed onto a wooden pattern. When the pattern is removed, it leaves a negative impression and a mould which is then filled with molten lead. The lead is left to solidify and results in a piece of ornamental leadwork.

Lead Hand Skills

Lead hand skills are employed when lead is manipulated from one form to another using boxwood hand tools. These hand tools are frequently used by Brian in order to produce corners, balls and bowls etc. from a piece of lead sheeting, by the process of bossing lead to a required shape.

To date, the largest bowl to be commissioned measured 1500mm in diameter and weighed 1300 kilos. 

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