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Specialists in Lead Roofing, Lead Work, Architectural Lead Work 

Brian Turner specialises in the art of architectural lead work and uses specialist techniques to design and produce authentic lead roofing for clients in Thurning.

The business was first established in 1977 and Brian’s expertise lies specifically in lead roofing and architectural lead work, including ornamental roofing, lead hoppers, down pipes, gutters and much more.

Brian particularly enjoys designing and crafting bespoke pieces, using traditional hand tools and techniques to create something entirely unique or reproduce pieces first completed hundreds of years ago. Brian’s lead roofing and architectural lead work services are tailored precisely to the client and he will work closely with you in order to produce lead work of a superior standard.

Originally the skills of the plumber, architectural lead work and lead roofing is now a specialist trade in its own right. There are core qualifications for the lead roofing side which were taught as a part of the plumbing qualification. Now specific qualifications are available from the Lead Sheet Association in roofing.

Brian has built on the core skills learned as an apprentice plumber by studying the lead work produced by plumbers of previous generations; some of these items date back to biblical times and there are examples in the British Museum which are thousands of years old.

Brian has been inspired by generations of plumbers and led to produce a range of garden ornamentation, examples of which can be found on the gallery page.

“There can scarcely be a doubt that the happiest material for garden sculpture and ornamental is lead splendid examples can be seen in Hampton Court, Melbourne and Drayton. The surface of the lead with age acquires a delightful patina of silvery grey that harmonises well with our garden evergreens”

Gertrude Jekyll

Brian is well versed in all three traditional lead work techniques, namely:

  • Lost wax
  • Sand casting
  • Lead hand skills

Brian will identify which of the above methods is best suited to your application and then set to work on any aspect of lead roofing and architectural lead work.

A recognised figure in the lead work industry, Brian is capable of translating even the most complicated architectural designs into physical existence. His unique combination of skill, passion, imagination and a positive approach to your project ensures that you receive a personal service which results in an exact reflection of the specification.

If you are based in Thurning and would like to install architectural lead work or lead roofing at your property, get in touch with Brian Turner today.