Lead Repair, Conservation and Reproduction in Thurning

Lead Repair and Conservation Experts Specialising in Reproducing Damaged Leadwork in Thurning

Lead is a durable substance which has demonstrated its ability to outlast most of its rival materials. However, antique or ornamental lead work may still require meticulous restoration, conservation and repair after a significant length of time.

Having worked with the material for over 30 years, Brian has the capability to repair, conserve and even reproduce items of lead work, restoring them to their original state for clients in Thurning. If your piece of lead work is particularly old, the substance itself would have been far rarer at the time of construction.

There are occasions when a lead item is so badly corroded, making it impossible to do anything with, that all that remains to do is re-sculpt or make new patterns. Moulds are taken, casts made and the old or damaged lead work can be converted into a piece of lead work which is of superior quality. Brian will create a new item by reusing the lead that was used for the original item; ninety nine percent of the lead will be recycled.

The techniques Brian uses are far more advanced now than they will have been. Complicated items can be constructed much faster and to a better standard. In much the same way, lead repairs and conservation techniques have improved dramatically.

Even so, restoring aged objects is still a challenge and will consume the most time and attention to detail. One approach will not produce the same results every time, the piece has to be studied at length before a solution can be reached then implemented.

Brian has experience in restoring and conserving lead items of all shapes, ages and sizes, from 100 year old urns and 250 year old statues to remnants from the 1600s. If you are based in Thurning and you have items of lead in need of repair, conservation or reproduction give Turner’s Ornamental Lead Work a call.