Conservation and Repair of Leadwork Melton Constable

Whilst lead is an extremely durable material, many older and antique leadwork pieces such as sculptures, plaques and urns now require specialist restoration and repair work.

The reason many period pieces have succumbed to damage is that in centuries gone by, lead was a much rarer commodity than it is today. As such, leadwork sculptors used as little lead as possible, cutting corners wherever they could, saving on cost, but sacrificing structural strength. Furthermore, structural techniques used for crafting complex objects were far less sophisticated.

As such, the restoration of period leadwork is a niche skill. The problems of individual pieces must be assessed on a case by case basis and careful analysis is required to provide a feasible, long lasting solution, whilst restoring the item's original décor. Based in Melton Constable, Turners Ornamental Leadwork has many years' experience in the repair and conservation of all manner of lead features and the creation of original leadwork pieces.

Brian has lent his conservation and repair skill to a wide array of specialist projects. Here are two of his most notable repair commissions:

A client commissioned Turners to sympathetically restore a 100 year old urn. Due to the weight of its own finial, trapped water, frost and sun damage, the lid had sunk in on itself. In response to the problem, Turners restored the lid to its original position, adding a support to prevent further damage from occurring.

A 250 year old statue was brought to us with a damaged foot and arm. The damage was caused by water corrosion and exacerbated by an earlier, unsuccessful repair attempt. This was a particularly complex task, not least because the piece could not be welded. To solve the problem, moulds were made of each part that had been damaged, from which wax duplicates were made for recasting. New armature and drain holes were also implemented. We're happy to say the client was pleased with the finished result.

Our services are available to clients in Melton Constable and further afield. Please get in touch to find out how we can help with your leadwork conservation and repair requirements.