Ornamental Lead Work Commissions Accepted in Thurning and Surrounding Areas

The client and their ideas are vital in the creative process.

Brian will hold an in-depth design consultation with you to discuss your ideas. Before work commences, he will also make a site visit which, although not essential, is invaluable. The site can therefore be analysed and agreed prior to the resulting piece being installed in its rightful place.

The design and installation process does take time and nothing is left to chance.

When you commission a piece of work with Brian, you will receive an ornamental leadwork creation which is individually marked and weight stamped, this makes every piece unique and, therefore, valuable.

Ornamental leadwork pieces from Brian Turner’s Ornamental Leadwork are produced using materials of the highest quality. They will stand the test of time and be cherished forever.

If you have an idea for a beautiful item of lead work, or even a lead planter for the garden, why not commission a piece with Brian Turner's Ornamental Leadwork? Get in touch today.